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Obesity seems to run rampant throughout a world that has witnessed a variety of different weight loss alternatives that have been introduced to the public. Moderately obese people can generally manage their weight through diet and exercise, however when drastic weight loss is necessary, doctors recommend Lap-Band and Gastric By Pass surgery who need to lose in excess of 100 lbs. A candidate for these types of procedures have obesity related illnesses and a BMI ranging from 35 up. It is estimated that 37 million Americans will qualify for this surgery, however many health insurance companies have different guidelines to go by regarding who qualifies for these types of treatments. Too often they will only consider individuals who are severely obese regardless of who the doctors are recommending.The weight loss for an individual can be very critical and absolutely necessary for their health, but some would question if these surgeries are safe and effective as long term answers. Al Roker’s amazing transformation is a testimony to how well these procedures work in some cases where the person doesn’t have to deal with some of the serious side effects these procedures have been known to have. Medical professionals contend that the benefits vastly outweigh the risks, citing the fact that if allow to continue, the individual could die from the complications of being obese.As effectively as these surgeries are in weight loss, they will only be temporary, unless the individual practices discipline and recommended diet changes for the rest of their lives. Many other doctors conclude that the surgeries are only a temporary fix until permanent changes are made to the individuals choices and disciplines that led to the life threatening situation in the first place.Since the Lap-Band actually requires a much lesser surgery this is usually the procedure that the doctors prefer over the Gastric Bypass surgery simply because there is less risk to the patient, however the lap band has been known to break which means an additional surgery to address this issue. Both of these surgeries essentially close off a portion of the stomach and only allow food into a small portion which means essentially that the person has no choice but to lose weight. The stomach is elastic however and if these individuals don’t continue to monitor their eating they can once again expand their stomach once again which can result in additional weight gain or possibly even death.It is standard advise that every patient be encouraged to try other weight loss programs before considering these procedures. If however, the other methods produce little or no results, these surgeries might be the only way to restore the body’s health after obesity. Keep in mind that you will need to check with both your doctor and insurance company about your eligibility for the procedure before proceeding with plans.

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